STRIKE brings together 12 institutes of academic and non-academic sectors from 8 EU countries with the aim to STRIKE malignant tumors using innovative magnetic nanomaterials.

New experimental aspects on design and synthesis of nanostructured magnetic materials are applied to the development of innovative magnetic field-responsive nanotherapeutics for osteosarcoma (OS) combinational therapy. Moreover, the peculiar features of STRIKE nanomaterials are exploited for liquid biopsy using biological samples of BRCA+ breast cancer (BC) patients.

STRIKE will raise excellence in research and training in nanomedicine/precision medicine creating new generation of entrepreneurial and innovative multidisciplinary Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

The cooperation among outstanding universities, research institutes and industries provides the ESRs with trans-national exchanges and the most innovative research trainings in novel anticancer therapeutic strategies, including in vivo biological evaluation, imaging in OS and early diagnosis in BC.


✓ trainee 8 highly skilled employable ESRs

✓ enhance interdisciplinary capacity and cooperation within the nanomedicine and precision medicine EU research networks

✓ strengthen EU’s competitiveness and growth in nanomedicine and precision medicine through the translation of the consortium research/innovation outputs

✓ provide novel anticancer therapeutic and imaging strategies for osteosarcoma

✓ develop advanced magnetic tools for early diagnosis of breast cancer