Exploiting nanomagnetism for improving intratumoral drug delivery

The candidate should have a M.Sc. in Physics or Engineering or Nanotechnology

STRIKE project exploits the unique properties of innovative magnetic nanomaterials for the development of nanotheranostics against osteosarcoma (OS). The interactions of nanomaterials and drugs, the uptake of nanotherapeutics by cells and the permeability of nanotherapeutics across biological barriers depend on the physical/chemistry features and on the architecture of the nanomaterials and on the use and nature of external physical stimuli. Development of a technology for successful magnetically guided delivery of magnetic responsive nanotherapeutics should involve the development of electromagnets that can simultaneously provide magnetically guide procedures to accumulate and/or align magnetic nanostructures at given in vivo spatial region. These new technologies are based on creating regions with strong magnetic field gradients allowing to freely move animal models into for setting tumors at the largest field intensity position. In this manner, the accumulation of magnetic particles driven by the strongest magnetic forces is warranted. In this way, the use of new generation of magnetic field generators will improve therapeutic outcomes mediated by MNPs against cancer.

Project 6   activities will integrate the following aspects: i) providing support in the synthesis of NanoTher and MBs to preserve magnetic properties; ii) design and development of DC magnetic field generator to create magnetic field region with strong field gradient and intensities up to 10 T/m and 200 mT; iii) adapting field generator to regulatory policies for magnetic field exposure safety; iv) setting the parameters to increase the intratumoral accumulation of NanoTher in small animal models: field intensity, time exposure, and tumoral position. During the mobility period, ESR6 will be trained in translational research from bench to clinical practice, nanomaterial preparation, animal experimentation, regulatory and intellectual properties issues.

The project will be mainly carried out at Nanotech Solutions (NTSOL) (Spain) under the supervision of Dr Francisco J. Teran. The PhD degree in “Advanced Material and Nanotechnology” (3 years) at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) under the supervision of Prof Daniel Jaque.

NTSOL is a young innovation company founded on January 2019 and composed by experts in instrumentation and nanomagnetics research, development and manufacturing. NTSOL commercial activities focus on the development and manufacturing instrumentation for AC/DC magnetic field generation and magnetization measurements. These equipments are employed for characterising and exploiting the magnetic properties of nanomaterials in different applications. NTSOL maintains tight interaction with customers to satisfy their requirements and expand product portafolio. This is thanks to our innovation nature, which grounds in our commitment with research and innovation activities. NTSOL offers an adequate environment and human team for training ESR into an industrial.

Planned secondments:

❖ STEM Innovation (Italy), 1 week:  Complementary training meeting on IPR management and soft skill.

❖ University of Messina (UNIME), 1 month: To learn about NanoTher and MBs synthesis.

❖ Cogentech (Italy), 1 month: to be trained in translational research from lab to clinical practice.

❖ CNR (Faenza, Italy), 2 months: to set up the magnetic device for in vitro studies.

❖ 3 months: to participate in in vivo evaluation of NanoTher under DC magnetic fields.

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