Summer school: Magnetic nanocarriers -Synthesis, Functionalization and Biomedical Applications (Chair: Vaclav Ranc)

Palacký University Olomouc, Olomuc (Czechia); 3 days; Invited international speakers and speakers of STRIKE consortium

Winter school: Preclinical In Vivo Imaging (Chair C. Kuntner-Hannes) Complementary training: Animal experiments, Ethics, principles and, sustainability Scientific and Progress meeting.

Communication skills: Medical University of Vienna (Austria), 4 days, Speakers of STRIKE and invited speakers

Training meeting focus on magnetism Scientific and Progress meeting (Chair Dr Francisco J Teran)

Nanotech Solutions, Segovia (Spain); 3 days, Invited speakers related with Spanish Club of Magnetism (CEMAG), European Magnetism Association (EMA), and IEEE Magnetic Society, and STRIKE speakers

Training on Innovation & Research Commercialization Training (Chair Dr Diego Montagner)

Commercialization office of Maynooth University, Maynooth (Ireland ); 4 days

Metal in Medicine Symposium-IBICS IBICS-Irish Biological Inorganic Chemistry Society

Chair Dr Diego Montagner, Dublin, Ireland

International conference on precision medicine (Chair Anna Piperno) Final STRIKE Scientific Meeting

University of Messina Messina (Italy); 2 days