The second scientific and progress meeting of STRIKE will be held in Nantes (France) and will be organized by Nantes Universitè (UN).

During the meeting is planned also the “Complementary training: Communication and Dissemination”

2nd STRIKE Scientific and Progress Meeting (Chair Prof. Dominique Heymann)


Prof Angela Scala, University of Messina

Nano-formulation of polymer-based drug delivery systems (2 hours)

Dr Antonino Mazzaglia,  CNR-ISMN

Magnetic nano-constructs: from self-assembly of components to bio-soft interactions (2 hours)

ESRs presentations of project progresses (all the ESRs, 5h)

Complementary training: Communication and Dissemination.

Dr Francesca R Novara WILEY-VCH Editor

Publications: The process of publication and academic exploitation of research results. Open access (2 hours)

Relationship with patient associations: role and impact of patient associations in orphan diseases. Functional interaction with researchers (UN, 2h)