The first scientific meeting of STRIKE will be held in Bologna (ITALY) and will be organized by National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISSMC).

During the meeting is planned also the Mid-Term meeting between REA and STRIKE consortium.

At the end of the scientific meeting all ESRs will have the training/visit program in technology commercialization, management of intellectual property and portfolio of spinout companies. The training/visit program will be organized  by STEM Innovation. This training will enable the ESRs to understand the research challenges and the innovation processes that drive a product to the market for a more effective contribution to Europe economy and society.

1st STRIKE Scientific Meeting, Chair:  Dr Monica Montesi


Prof Dominique Heymann, Nantes Universitè

Osteosarcoma: targeting agents and technical approaches for analyzing the tumor heterogeneity and therapeutic response (2 hours)

Dr Silvia Panseri National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISSMC) a

Which information a biomaterial should communicate to the cells (2 hours)

Prof.  Anna Piperno, University of Messina

Targeted drug delivery systems (2 hours)

Complementary training: “European Public Funding schemes for R&D and Innovation and Technology Transfer” Chair:  Dr Tommaso Foglia


Day 1: Innovation, Technology Transfer, IPR management and entrepreneurship for ESRs (4h)

Day 2: Overview of European Funding schemes to support Innovation, Technology Transfer and entrepreneurship. (Horizon Europe, EIT, EIC) (4h)

Day 3: How to build a competitive application for low-medium TRL financing schemes: EIC pathfinder and RIAs under Horizon Europe) (4h)

Day 4: How to build a competitive application for medium-high TRL financing schemes: EIC accelerator and EIT Health

Day 5: How to manage a high-tech start-up company in the early-stage phases (4h)

The training will be based on a dynamic approach, to create a constructive educational context and foster continuous interactions between participants and the trainer. Practical examples, exercises and case studies will be presented.