Chair: Dr Monica Montesi

On January 25-26, 2024, in Bologna (ITALY) , the first STRIKE MSCA Doctoral Network scientific meeting was held. Hosted by the esteemed National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISSMC), this event brought together early-stage researchers and project beneficiaries to showcase their progress, exchange insights, and unveil exciting plans for the future.

Joining forces with STRIKE's visionary consortium were associated partners including WILEY-CVH, Stem Innovation, Cyclolab, and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, igniting dynamic discussions and sparking potential collaborations that promise to reshape the landscape of research and innovation. During the event's agenda, the Mid-Term meeting between REA and the STRIKE consortium unfolded, with Roxana Paulovici, the REA representative, providing invaluable insights into the project's

But the networking didn't stop there! The journey continued in Faenza (ITALY) , where the DC had a training/visit program in technology commercialization, management of intellectual property and portfolio of spinout companies given by STEM Innovation.

Curious to dive deeper into this experience with our researchers? Explore more details right [here].

Agenda of the 1st STRIKE Scientific Meeting

25th January 2024

h. 13:45 Get together

h. 14:00 Start of the meeting - Introduction (REA officer and Anna Piperno) . h. 14:15 Practical information and approval of the meeting Agenda.

Tour de table 15-minute presentation of all scientists-in-charge and the ESRs to briefly
present their research team and role in STRIKE.

h. 14:15 UNIME – A. Piperno and Ana Laura CORIA GUTIÉRREZ

h. 14:30 CNR – M. Montesi and Mohamed SAQAWA

h. 14:45 NIUM – D. Montagner and Giulia FERRARI

h. 15:00 UP – V. Ranc and Sunčica SUKUR

h. 15:15 UN – D. Heymann and Joshua MOUNTFORD


h. 16:00 SOL – J.F Teran. and Sedef ÖZEL

h. 16:15 Cogentech – Offenhäuser N. and Beatriz NARANJO MARTÍNEZ

h. 16:30 MUV – Kuntner-Hannes and Ines LOPEZ MARTINEZ

Partner Associations

h. 16:45 Partner Associations

h. 17:00 officer Roxana PAULOVICI

h. 17:20 STRIKE project overview and progress. Progress report M13 (Prof. A. Piperno
and Dr. M.Montesi)


h 18:45 Restricted session: Meeting between Coordinator and Project Officer


26th January 2024

h. 09:00 Steering Board Meeting – Administrative and Management information, Project
calendar and dates of the future meetings

h. 09:00 Restricted session between REA Project Officer and ESRs

h. 10:15 GET TOGETHER - Feedback and open discussion: -Feedback from the REA Project Officer.

h. 10: 30 COFFEE BREAK

h. 11:00 GENERAL DISCUSSION AND PLAN OF THE FUTURE WORK: Milestone N.3- Clear and quantitative definition of MBs and NanoTher requirements

h. 11:30 Lecture D. Heymann, UN 1,30h: Osteosarcoma: targeting agents and technical approaches for analyzing the tumor heterogeneity and therapeutic response


Photo gallery of the 1st STRIKE Scientific Meeting