CycloLab is the world's only all-round cyclodextrin service provider. Some figures: ~500 scientific papers,~7000 citation to the papers, ~1000 customer reports. CycloLab has ~50 full-time employees of which 19 areR&D personnel. CycloLab's expertise and technology cover custom synthesis, drug solubilization and stabilization, controlled release, drug targeting, cyclodextrin related analytics and stability testing. CycloLab's product portfolio includes well-established cyclodextrin-based polymers, fluorescent-labelled cyclodextrin derivatives available with in-depth characterization.

cGMP compliant production area with spray dryer unit: 350 m2 cGMP compliant production area for the manufacture of parenteral grade sulfobutyl-ether-β-cyclodextrin with multiple ton annual capacity. Freeze drying unit: compact tabletop unit for lyophilization of specimens with innovative Wireless Shelf Technology. Synthetic chemistry labs: 150 m2 area equipped for bench and lab scale synthesis; fume hoods, rotary evaporators, large vacuum drying boxes, a parallel reaction station, a Büchi Sepacore Flash Chromatography System and a pilot-scale Biotage Flash 150M Chromatography System. Analytical labs: HPLC-DAD instruments further interfaced with ELSD, CAD, RI and ESI-MS detectors and fraction collectors. GC-FID and CE units. Galenic and technology labs: the laboratories are equipped with spectrophotometers, viscosimeters, osmometers, diffusion cell apparatus (Franz cell), light scattering system (Zetasizer), Karl Fisher titrators, microscopes, etc.