ORCID iD: 0009-0006-2516-437X

Main supervisor: Dr. Diego Montagner

Ph.D. programme: Chemistry

Institution: National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Department of Chemistry

Academic background

  • Master‘s degree (Single-cycle degree programme):

Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, University of Milan

About the researcher

Her main degree is in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from the University of Milan, where she discussed her master‘s thesis on "Luminescent and electrochemiluminescent metal complexes as labels for diagnostics." Throughout her research experience, she worked extensively in the organometallic synthesis of metal complexes and their photophysical activities, focusing on amplification strategies for labelling and detecting infectious agents.

Her primary research focus lies in organic and organometallic synthesis of new compounds and their interactions with advanced nanostructured materials, intending to develop technologies to address challenges such as chemoresistance and lack of drug selectivity in cancer treatment. She chose this Ph.D. program because she believes the MSCA-Network "STRIKE" offers the opportunity to work in diverse fields with a multidisciplinary team. This project presents a challenging opportunity to satisfy her curiosity and desire for self-improvement while allowing her to contribute to addressing relevant social issues.


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